Cross Media Marketing

Our cross-media marketing allows you to produce co-branded direct mail and email marketing campaigns and co-branded collateral for lead generation and lead nurturing.

Deliver a marketing system for each of your cross-media partners to in an easy-to use hands-on environment.

Give your partners access to campaigns that they wouldn’t have been able to launch on their own.

Maintain complete control over your message and brand with co-branded elements.

Gain insight to your cross-media partners’ marketing efforts with reporting and analysis; discover overall participation and effectiveness of each campaign.

Access it. Easy, Secure, Flexible.

Your unique online environment can be rolled out directly to your partners. You control access for each partner’s account and individual user provided with a unique login.

Create integrated email and direct mail campaigns, with cutting-edge functionality including personalized URLs (PURLS) and SMS options. Roll out your campaign to multiple media partners to use with their own customer or prospect list.

Brand it. Communicate it.

A personalized campaign, unique to your specific needs is key to driving your marketing efforts. Using variable data technology we can help you develop that campaign, and re-use the same creative across all cross-media partners. Through assigning templates, you can control the brand and message by locking in certain elements, such as your logo, legal warnings or specific offers. However, each partner company can still customize the campaign with their own brand, pricing, location and other elements specific to their own market.

Let’s look at an example, say a company is selling real estate across the United States. Our services can allow partners in Hawaii to use a photo of a lanai-style home on a postcard, and partners out East can show a Cape Cod style home. Both would show the same offer, but imagery and details can be localized, while maintaining the master brand.