This solution is absolutely ideal for companies with a large number of employees, a large sales force, and/or multiple sites, whether across town, across the country, or across the globe.

In essence, all of your print products, such as business cards and other stationery items, new hire packets and other HR materials, promotional items, marketing collateral, training guides and more are listed via a secure web portal in an online catalog. World Trade Printing Company produces these items for you, and keeps an inventory on-hand. If you're in California and a branch of your business in New York hires 10 new sales representatives, the New York office just has to go online and order what they need for those new employees. World Trade Printing Company will package it up and ship it out the same or the next business day!

This ensures that no location is paying too much for their print materials, and also safeguards your logo, trademarks and artwork, ensuring it looks the same every time it's printed. Using Web2Print also helps you to enforce any policies you may have against multiple locations each developing their own marketing campaign.

Here are just a few of the many advantages to using the Web2Print solution:
  • Shipping, purchasing and personalized billing integration
  • Consistency on your corporate branding and image control
  • Corporate control of marketing materials
  • Reduce inventory and administrative costs

We encourage you to contact us and talk to a World Trade Printing Company representative today to learn more about taking advantage of this advanced technology, which our technicians set up for your company free of charge.

Remember, World Trade Printing Company offers a vast array of commercial printing products that are geared toward your success.

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