Getting Into Production
An order must have final proof approval and be placed in production before 3:30 PM, PST, for the order to be included in the day�s production. For example, if final approval is received before 3:30 PM, PST, and the customer has opted for one-day priority printing, the order will be ready for pickup or ship out by the following business day; if the final approval is received at 3:30 PM, PST or later, the order will be placed in production no later than the following day (2nd day) and be ready for pickup or shipping the day after that (3rd day). Of course, if printing priority greater than one day is selected, production time will adjust accordingly.

Turnaround Begins
Turnaround time for an order begins after World Trade Printing Company receives written approval of a project proof from the customer. Turnaround refers to time during our regular business days that a job is in production. Production includes but is not limited to, printing, coating, cutting, scoring, folding, collating, binding and packing.

Evenings, Weekends, and Holidays
World Trade Printing Company is not open on Saturdays, Sundays or National Holidays, therefore these are not considered regular business days and are not included in the turnaround time. Furthermore, our business hours are 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday, excluding holidays; World Trade Printing Company does not process new orders or generate proofs during non-business hours, or on Saturdays, Sundays or National Holidays.

Shipping Time
The time it takes a product to ship is not included in turnaround time. The amount of time shipping takes is determined by the shipping method chosen by the customer.

Missing the Mark
At World Trade Printing Company we stand by our turnaround time promises. If we fail to meet our quoted turnaround time, we will refund any rush charges paid by the customer or apply a discount toward a future order.
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